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ArmNet - LA Region Chapter Fundraising in Action

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

In December 2020 the Armenian Network of America LA Chapter began a Fundraiser for Children of Artsakh. As a result of the recent war between the Republic of Artsakh and Azerbaijan over 70,000 people that resided in Artsakh became refugees by fleeing the war and coming to the Republic of Armenia for security and shelter. More than 7,000 of them are children who have suffered war trauma as a result of losing their homes, schools, teachers, friends, family members and in some cases even their parent/s. Consequently, the Armenian Network of America - Los Angeles Chapter partnered up with Musicians and Artists United for Artsakh ( a non-profit organization based in the Republic of Armenia) to provide children in need the much needed support.

Fundraiser concluded in March 2021 and thanks to the many donors, the LA Chapter raised $3,550 for this initiative. These donations will now be directed towards funding emotional support workshops organized by Musicians and Artists United for Artsakh in the form of arts-and-crafts activities and music therapy. Each workshop will be attended by several dozen refugee children. Funds will also go to purchase backpacks and school supplies provided during the workshops. Plans also include hiring social workers/counselors/child psychologist for the duration of the workshop.

The program is now underway in Vanadzor where the largest concentration of child refugees from Artsakh are. The project has further expanded to include children of soldiers and volunteer fighters who died during the 44 day war. We are happy to share the first set of photos taken at the Vanadzor Art School after Komitas from a 5 day master class. Click HERE to view a recent Facebook post shared by the music teachers, sharing the success of the event and their appreciation for the kind donation.


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